First Day In:
The Beginners Handbook

A comprehensive, simple roadmap for those looking to start their fitness journey.


What It’s About

I wrote this book to answer the most common issues beginner lifters would always ask me.

“How do I get in the gym consistently?”

“What’s the best routine for gaining muscle or losing weight?”

“How do I know I’m making progress toward my goals?”

This book helps you solve all of that.

What You Will Get

You will learn how to:

• Overcome mental hurdles holding you back

• Build a workout routine that fits your schedule

• Build a diet / meal plan that allows you to enjoy the foods you like while still making progress

• Plus you will understand the process of weight loss & weight gain


What’s Included

Lessons you’ll learn in the book:

​​Chapter 1 ​- Overcoming Excuses
​Chapter 2 – ​Reasons to Workout
Chapter 3 ​- How to Create A Routine
Chapter 4 ​- Calories Explained
Chapter 5 ​- Intro to Nutrition & Meal Planning

This is where you want to start on your journey.

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I always had trouble building a steady routine but this book really broke things down for me. Worth way more than the price.


Really dope book. I usually struggle to finish books but this was really easy to read. Definitely using these tips in my next workout!


Who This Is For

Beginners who are serious about starting their fitness journey, as well as those looking to expand their fitness knowledge.

Ready To Get Started?

You can grab this eBook for $10.

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